Two Birds gin

Recently gin is in every direction we turn. We’re barrel aging it, drinking gin and tonics and sipping it straight, among many other things. The latest cocktail gin release from Two Birds has us wondering: should we be sipping gin, mixing it, or both?


Two Birds, a U.K. spirits brand, released their latest specialty gin that’s meant specifically for mixing up your favorite gin cocktails – neat and on the rocks are off limits.  The gin is distilled in a special way that produces a more intense juniper flavor that’s not masked when mixed with tonic or other ingredients. Though the flavor profile is amped up, the ABV is around 40% (typical for your average gin) so that the spirit can still be tolerated when you’re drinking it. Right now the cocktail gin is only available in the U.K. but it’s only a matter of time before it comes stateside or someone else steals the idea.


So, what’s the deal here? Just a few weeks ago Burrough’s Reserve says we should sip gin neat like we would a nice scotch. On one hand, gin has an excellent juniper flavor that we could easily enjoy straight (for everyone who says its too “piney” you’re uninvited to our next happy hour). But put a gin Gimlet in front of us and we can’t imagine drinking it any other way.


So we’ll leave it to you. Would you buy a gin specifically for sipping or mixing? Seems like a gin that can do both would be the one to make it onto our bar. Give us your opinion; we’re dying to know.