beefeater burroughs reserve

When we think of spirits that we can pour out and sip neat, gin rarely comes to mind. But with the recent introduction of barrel-aged gins, we’re reconsidering our next drink.


Beefeater, a favorite in the gin world, is one of the first major brands to jump on the barrel-aged trend. Their latest release, Beefeater Burrough’s Reserve, landed in the U.S. recently with one goal: to be sipped. The aged gin is based on the original recipe of James Burrough, the founder of Beefeater. After being distilled, Burrough’s Reserve is aged in rare Jean de Lillet aperitif oak barrels that were hand selected by Beefeater’s master distiller, Desmond Payne.


Typically gin can be found mixed with tonic, as the base of a gimlet or masked by fruity juices. We repeat: Beefeater wants their new gin to be sipped, preferably neat, no ice necessary. It seems to us that they’re trying to convince your average gin drinker to think outside the cocktails and consider drinking gin in a different way..No fuss, no recipes, just straight spirit.


At $70 a bottle, Burrough’s Reserve certainly has the price tag of a fine sipping spirit. Would you sip on gin or do you think its fate is already determined as the complement to a mixer? Tell us what you think below or on Twitter @DrinkInAmerica.