Lately, we noticed an interesting new addition to our beverages: smoke. Whether it’s cocktails, beer or the hard stuff, everything is getting smoky. We’ve seen smoked water and tobacco vodka – and the smoked innovations just keep coming.


It all started last year when we noticed smoky cocktails on our drink menus. Some bartenders started using whiskey and mezcal to create a smoked flavor while others were smoking ice to add flavor to their drinks. We were psyched about it then and now brands are starting to catch on that where there’s smoke there’s success.


Smoked beverages started to pick up this summer after the release of Knob Creek Smoked Maple, a sweet but smoke-filled maple whiskey from Jim Beam. Later in the summer, Oak Smoked Water made its way to the U.S. and bartenders started adding it to their vodka drinks for an oaky flavor. Then we got into smoked beers that appeared this fall like Alaskan Smoked Porter and Witch’s Hat Brewing Co.’s Smoked Ale. These can’t be a coincidence.


Not to mention, some other brands are taking the smoked trend to another level. Most recently, Ivanabitch Tobacco vodka graced us with its tobacco-scented bottle to taste. And just this week, Samuel Adams released their Utopias beer, a liqueur like ale that has hints of tobacco flavors in it.


If you’re looking to experiment at home with these flavors, try a Smoked Negroni. It won’t disappoint.


We’re behind the smoked flavors all the way. We’ll pass on the tobacco vodka but the smoky oaky flavors in these beers, cocktails and booze are right up our alley.


Would you drink a smoked drink or a booze flavored with tobacco?