We’re always looking to do crazy things to our cocktails. We’ve grilled them, frozen them, made them into shakes, and now we’re smoking them. Well adding smoked water, at least. Popular in London, Oak Smoked Water, has become a favorite ingredient in vodka-based drinks and bartenders and mixologists in the U.S. have caught on. The water is smoked in an oak smoker for four days giving a cocktail an unexpected flavor. The water is sold for $3.50 a pouch. You bet we’ll be stocking up.


What happens when three women go on vacation together? They decide to start their own vodka company, obviously. In 2010, three women went on their annual girls beach trip and Vixen Vodka was born. Catered to the modern woman, the gluten free, five times distilled vodka debuted late last year and is just starting to roll out nationally. For $20 a bottle, the three founders are hoping that Vixen will become the vodka that women are ordering in bars, bringing home with them and mixing their own cocktails with.


We know those iconic bunny ears anywhere and they’re about to start showing up in our liquor stores. Hugh Hefner and his Playboy brand are teaming up with global spirits producer VuQo to produce Playboy Vodka, complete with the bunny ears logo. The vodka will be launched later this year in conjunction with a Playboy tequila followed by a gin in 2014. Looks like the Playboy Mansion bar will be fully stocked.