Of all the fall inspired flavors out there, we think pecan doesn’t get enough respect. It’s nutty, cinnamony and full of great taste. Not only is it found in our favorite holiday pies but it’s recently been sneaking into our spirits and cocktails.


The most recent brand to jump on the pecan bandwagon is William Wolf, run by former Hypnotiq team member Jim Goldstein. William Wolf Pecan Bourbon is a mix of American whiskey infused with pecan distillate (basically pecan extract). At $30 a bottle, the new bourbon will make its first appearance in the New York City area and expand nationally with time. William Wolf Pecan rides suspiciously close on the heels of other recent pecan releases: Pecaño and Pinnacle Pecan Pie. Pecaño is a brand new pecan-flavored liqueur started in Texas while Pinnacle was obviously just looking for another seasonal flavor to put out there.


If you’re more of a beer drinker, there are plenty of craft breweries out there exploring the pecan flavor. Try Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale for a true nutty beer. Abita Brewing Co. in Louisiana puts out a Pecan Harvest Ale that would be perfect for any fall occasion. And if you’re looking for a sweeter option, try Samuel Adams Maple Pecan Porter.


With all of these pecan flavored spirits and beers emerging right in time for fall, we can’t wait to get them into our cocktails. Here are a few recipes that we’ll be sipping on:


We’re pumped that pecans are making an appearance in our cocktails and booze. The nutty flavor is perfect for the fall weather and to get us in the mood for the holiday season.