According to the storybooks, it’s everyone’s dream to travel to Italy and fall in love… and that is exactly what started the love story between Jeff Schmulen and Nochino – a liqueur made with walnuts. When he returned to his home in Austin, Texas, he decided to fill the void of Nochino by experimenting with using Texas-cultivated pecans to make his own liqueur. Turns out it’s becoming a success.


We found Pecaño on Kickstarter, like many other alcoholic gems, but this one was successfully funded as of June 9th – so we’re guaranteed to get our hands on it eventually.  What distinguishes Pecaño is its use of unique ingredients. From what we can tell, pecans are combined with alcohol, spices, sugar, and some other mystery ingredients and then aged. Apparently it has a bittersweet flavor that’s not quite as sweet as a limoncello, and not as tart as an amaretto.


Pecaño can be sipped neat, poured over ice cream, mixed in with coffee, or used to spice up some already delicious cocktails. It is scheduled to be on the Texas markets by December 2013, and after that, who knows where it could go.