As supporters of creativity, we always like to give credit to those concocting alcoholic beverages outside the box. New Columbia Distillers are the latest on the innovation train, combining gin and aquavit for one of most intriguing botanical spirits we’ve ever seen. The D.C. based distillery released their creation, Ginavit, last week.


New Columbia created their gin-aquavit hybrid by combining the flavors of aquavit with their well-known Green Hat Gin. If you haven’t tasted aquavit before, it’s a traditional wintertime spirit produced in Scandinavia. Do yourself a favor and go buy a bottle. The liquor is infused with flavors of caraway, dill, and other herbs and spices, kind of like gin on steroids. Mixed with the botanical flavors of gin, this mixed spirit must pack a serious punch.


To add to the creativity, New Columbia then aged the mixed spirit in apple brandy barrels, giving the gin-aquavit combo added hints of vanilla and apple. Two barrels of Ginavit were aged for four months while another was aged for only two months. These three aged barrels were then combined with the remaining un-aged Ginavit to create the final product.


If you’re eager to try the hybrid from New Columbia, move fast as only about 1,000 bottles were made. They were officially released at the D.C. distillery on Saturday and will be made available to select retailers ($40) and bars this month. Ginavit co-founder John Uselton says he feels, “like we’ve made something unlike any other gin we’ve ever had.” It’s certainly distinct from anything we’ve ever tasted.


The strength of flavors in this liquor may result in a savory overload for our taste buds and we can’t wait. Just imagine the Ginavit & tonic possibilities. Would you drink the flavor packed gin-aquavit?