It’s one of the best liquors you’ve probably never heard of: Aquavit. Or Akvavit, if you’re feeling particularly Scandinavian today.

As more folks of Scandinavian origin (from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland) relocate to the United States, Aquavit continues to become more and more prevalent in drinking circles. What is it, exactly? As a distilled potato or grain based liquor, it’s pretty similar in taste to vodka. It is flavored, usually with caraway, but is often infused with many other flavors including fennel, anise and citrus fruits.

Many times, Aquavit is served chilled and unmixed in small glasses; people sip it slowly, basically like how we would sip a nice whiskey. Don’t be fooled, though – it’s also a favorite for shots.

If you are in or around New York at any point, you should check out “Aquavit” restaurant. We think they are perfect for every kind of drinker because if you’ve never tried Aquavit, you’ll be learning from the best…and if you have tried Aquavit, you will appreciate the well-made cocktail variations. They serve authentic Nordic cuisine and have a full bar menu, including exclusive Aquavit cocktails like:

• Aquavit Negroni: lemon and juniper aquavit, dolin sweet vermouth, gran classic bitters
• Lychee Martini: lychee aquavit, lychee puree, cassis
• Strawberry Caprioska: strawberry aquavit, muddled strawberries, lime

It may be a little challenging to find Aquavit in your local liquor store, but some larger stores might have it. There’s also this really cool invention called the Internet, so if you can’t find Aquavit locally, you can always find a distillery or store online that will be able to ship to you.

Do you drink Aquavit? If you have, share your experience with us.