Canadian Mist review

If you know us, you know how we typically feel about sweet flavored spirits. That’s not to say there aren’t some great ones out there but with offerings like Maple, Cotton Candy and Glazed Doughnut, can you blame us?


Earlier this summer, we made our first impressions of Canadian Mist clear. To sum it up, we thought they were a desperate attempt to compete with the big names like Jack and Crown Royal. After trying a few bottles we’re here to tell you we haven’t changed our opinion much.


We received three of their four flavors to taste: Peach, Maple and Cinnamon. Here’s the breakdown.


Peach Mist: Most of us agreed that this was the worst of the bunch. The peach flavor was fake, sweet and reminded us of Peach Rings gone bad. There were a few who tolerated it due to its easy drinking quality but overall the Peach was thick, sticky and better left alone.


Maple Mist: The sugary Maple syrup smell hit us the second we opened the bottle. We felt like we were sipping maple syrup straight. Unfortunately the whisky became an afterthought compared to the overpowering flavor. It reminded us of Tap 357 Maple Rye, but cheaper quality and more added sugar vs. real maple flavor. As we said with Tap 357, this would be better suited on top of our breakfast food. Bring on the pancakes.


Cinnamon Mist: Although it smelled like a stick of Big Red and tasted slightly like a liquid altoid, it wasn’t bad. There will always be some haters, but this was a crowd pleaser. It was far less syrupy than the other two and had a nice cinnamon spice to mask the burn of the whisky. It’s got nothing on Fireball but we could shoot it before a night out.


No matter how we felt about the flavors of Canadian Mist, it was the quality that turned us off. Fake flavoring and cheap alcohol masked by too much sugar put these spirits at the bottom of our list. If you are going to try this whisky liqueur, be sure to go for Cinnamon.