Canadian Mist


We’ve been down the flavored whisky road before. Honey, cinnamon, botanical, the possibilities are endless (unfortunately). Now our friends from the North are bringing us four more flavors.


This past week, Canadian Mist announced the launch of Mist Flavors in the U.S. The new collection includes four whisky flavors: Peach, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Maple, all combos of Canadian Mist whisky and liqueur flavoring.


Debuting this summer, Mist Flavors will be available in select states for $9.99 a bottle (cheap whisky, cheap price). Apparently, you can sip them neat or add them to a cocktail. We think they’re just a gross sugary attempt to keep up with the big names like Jack Daniel’s and Crown Royal.


We can pretty much guarantee these will be nasty. Can anyone confirm or deny?