tanduay rum


Tanduay Rum – the second best selling rum in the world that we guarantee you’ve never heard of. We gave you the lowdown on the Asian spirit when it first appeared in the U.S. over the summer and now we’ve got the inside scoop on how it tastes. Here’s what we thought of the rum that hails from the Philippines.


Tanduay Gold: We knew the Gold would be packed with flavor from the moment we opened the bottle and that classic rum spice hit us. The flavor was filled with hints of vanilla, spice, caramel, and molasses. We love a spicy gold rum just as much as the next person but this one was a bit overpowering. The finish wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked but that’s to be expected when you sip rum straight (no rum and cokes are allowed at the tasting table). Though we tried it on the rocks, we’d recommend Tanduay Gold for mixing. Think outside the basics and add it to your next rum punch or Mai Tai.


Tanduay Silver: We’ve tried our fair share of quality silver rums and this one measures up. With hints of vanilla, coconut and a sweet spice, Tanduay Silver was flavorful and easy to sip on the rocks. Though it was a bit sweet for our liking, it outstands its competition (like Bacardi) in the pure flavor category. The true rum drinkers of DIA would pair it with their next mojito while the rest of us would drink it only when the rum mood struck us.


At $16 a bottle, we’d stock Tanduay for our party punches and cocktails. Have you tried Tanduay? Let us know if you grab a bottle and we can compare notes.