Tanduay rum

Move over Bacardi – there’s a new rum in town.. We’re willing to bet you’ve never even heard of Tanduay but shockingly enough it’s the second largest rum brand in the world (behind Bacardi – who else?) And it’s coming to America (aka Miami).

It’s hard to believe the second largest rum brand has been a secret to us for so long. But come on, our minds were clouded by all of the other rum we’ve been drinking. Tanduay, originally from the Philippines, first appeared in 1854. Since then they’ve made a name for themselves throughout Asia (mainly China, Thailand and Malaysia) but the United States is the first big move they’ll make on their goal to take over the number one spot, which they are not shy about. According to the brand, we’re going to love Tanduay. We’ll be the judge of that.

With two offerings, Silver and Gold, the 40% ABV rum will be sold at $19.99 a bottle. Normally we don’t scoff at price stickers but this one is a different story. Tanduay will be sold in the U.S. at premium price but it’s only $3 a bottle in the Philippines. It better be good if we’re going to spend the extra money, especially after knowing the original cost.

Would you be willing to give up your usual rum for the new Tanduay?