photoPrivateers were some of the most badass guys during the American Revolution. So like any other American heroes, they have a spirit named after them: Privateer Rum. We received bottles of their silver and amber rums to try. Here’s what we thought:


Privateer Silver Reserve Rum: We’re not light rum experts but we know a good one when we taste it. With hints of vanilla, coconut and caramel this rum is flavorful and easy to sip. It was sweet at first but had a nice smooth finish that our team loved. We drank it on the rocks, and imagine it would be a nice base to a cocktail, adding exactly the right amount of depth. At $25 a bottle, it’s a standout against its competition.


Privateer True American Amber Rum: Not quite as good as its silver counterpart, but still a solid competitor in the dark rum category. It had a molasses and cinnamon spice taste with a finish that wasn’t nearly as smooth as what we loved in Privateer Silver. We sipped it on the rocks but due to the finish we’re thinking it would be better in a cocktail.


If we had to choose, we would recommend Privateer Silver Reserve Rum.


Do you prefer silver or amber rum? Let us know in the comments.