Cocktails on Tap

Cocktails January 13, 2011 3 Comments.

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One of The Dizzy Fizz’s 2011 predictions is Cocktails on Tap.


Currently, El Cobra on Avenue A serves Dark & Stormies on tap with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, lime and C02. In San Francisco, you can find Fernet and even Maker’s Mark on tap at a couple of bars. We’ve discussed the draft cocktail idea and wine on tap before and frankly, we dig it.


Are you in favor of this trend?


3 thoughts on “Cocktails on Tap

  1. charles

    no way. think how many times you’ve waited too long for a drink. it’ll only help ‘tenders to do their job more efficiently. i think they just have to limit the cocktails they decide to tap. and of course, make sure they’re still quality.

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