Recently we told you how beer has been proven to be the perfect replenishing beverage after a workout – but what if your workout made the beer? In Detroit, two men are taking efficient energy in their brewery to the next level with an idea that’s fueled by their customer’s energy. Literally.


Windmill Pointe Brewing is a brewery (still in the fundraising stage) that would run entirely on solar, wind, and also bicycle powered energy. Using stationary bikes ridden by visitors, Windmill would be the very first pedal powered brewery in the country.


How it works: the loyal participants pedaling on the bikes produce the energy, which makes its way into a combiner box, then into their batteries, before finally getting picked up by the hot water heater which powers the brewing process.


Windmill has plans for teams and spinning classes to be their go-to energy producers when they finally open (tentatively end of 2014). A workout class in the name of beer is one we can actually get behind. Riders will be able to see exactly how much beer they’re producing as they get their workout in and best of all? You can earn a free pint depending on how far you ride.


Count us in as official entries in the 2014 Tour-De-Beer at Windmill. How hard would you work for your beer?