In the (rare) occasion that we work out, we typically reach for a water or Gatorade after. It recently came to our attention that some geniuses up north have created a beer that’s fit for your post workout hydration needs.


A team of food scientists at Vampt announced their innovative new beverage, Lean Machine, billed as a ”recovery ale.” The scientists say it’s a healthy alternative to traditional ales with 77 calories per serving and only 0.5% ABV. This all sounded fantastic until the ABV. Why would you either bother drinking a beer with such a low percentage of alcohol? It might be the boozy in us but that seems a little pointless.


Regardless of our opinion, some people think this may be the next go to sports drink. The ale is still in flavor testing but the rumor is it will be on shelves this spring.


Would you drink a beer after your workout? We would rather save the beer for later that night and fill up on water after sweating it out.