Remember the guys that brought us Watt Dickie, the beer-booze hybrid we were so curious about? Well on Tuesday, September 24 at 10:00pm on the Esquire Network, the same guys (James Watt and Martin Dickie, aka the founders of BrewDog Brewery), will launch their new television show: BrewDogs.


We’ve seen plenty of boozy TV shows in the past (remember Mike Rowe on “How Booze Built America”) but BrewDogs focuses solely to the expanding craft beer industry in the United States, which makes it a bit different. They say that their hope is that the show will “convert one million craft beer virgins.”


We think it’s a hefty goal, but the show could be cool. Not only are they travelling around the country, but they’ll be giving us an inside look into some of the unique projects breweries are working on. This includes (spoiler alert) steam-brewed beer that’s supposed to be inhaled, and the world’s most caffeinated beer.


We’ll be grabbing a 6-pack of our favorite local brew and giving the BrewDogs debut a chance.