School is back in session and kids across the country are learning about our nation’s rich history. How nice.

What about the adults? What do we get? We like to learn, too!

What’s that, you say? A show about booze in history?! Say no more…DVR is set and ready to record.

Mike Rowe, the guy famous for doing some really “Dirty Jobs,” has a new three-part series on Discovery called “How Booze Built America.” It started last Wednesday and will continue for two more weeks, airing each time at 10PM. (Aka, you can catch it tonight at 10.)

Grab a beer and get ready to learn all sorts of important things like:
• The Pilgrims only landed the Mayflower on Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer. They drank a ton of beer back then (and even had a special lighter beer for children) because the water wasn’t very safe to drink.
• Johnny Appleseed planted so many trees because he wanted to use the apples to make and sell hard cider. Back then, money was easily reproduced, so a lot of people would buy and trade with booze.
• Just before he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth was spotted getting a little tipsy at a local pub.

We are psyched to learn about other parts of history that seemed a little boring back in high school, but were actually totally awesome. In the mean time, make sure you check out the show’s website – there are some really good show clips to catch up on.