liquor made from beerBrew Dog has released one of the most innovative beverages that we’ve seen in awhile, and trust us, we’ve seen a lot.


Named after Brew Dog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie, Watt Dickie is the first ever Beer-Booze Hybrid. First, they brew an IPA and then it undergoes a “freezing alchemy” that distills the beer into a faux liquor. Right now the process is being kept secret, but we’re very curious to find out what a spirit that is distilled from beer would taste like.


Watt Dickie is described by the founders as an “ice distilled beer,” whose lack of carbonation allows the beverage to be sipped as a spirit. At 35% ABV, it’s much more alcoholic than a typical 5% ABV beer.  Currently you can buy a 60ml bottle (a bit bigger than the size of a shot) online for about $5.00 (UK shipping rates apply), but they plan on releasing 700ml bottles later in 2013.