Absolut Chicago

Chicago is famous for so many things: deep-dish pizza, wind, hot dogs, Wrigley Field, the list goes on and on. Absolut set out to bottle the essence of Chicago – but the flavor they chose might surprise you, especially if you don’t hail from the windy city. Absolut Chicago, the latest in their city inspired vodkas, is flavored with rosemary, olives and thyme. According to the brand, the limited edition savory spirit is perfect for your next Bloody Mary, dirty martini or a rosemary lemonade. The bottle, designed by a Threadless artist, features a playful but classic cityscape of Chicago. To celebrate the new vodka, October 24 has officially been named Absolut Chicago Day and will feature a “bloody brunch,” scavenger hunt and massive party in the city. If you’re in the area, make your way over and cheers to all things Chicago.


We don’t typically mix our spirits unless they’re in cocktails, but Exlusiv Vodka is taking the concept to another level. Their latest flavor (surprisingly) combines their vodka with brandy. Exclusiv XO Napoleon uses 5-18 year old brandies to achieve the unique flavor and adds traditional caramelized sugar to the recipe for the brandy color. The 35% ABV vodka debuted earlier this month in New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee and plans to expand nationally in the coming months. You would think a vodka flavored with aged brandies would cost you, but these bottles are available for only $10. The cheap price stickers makes us a teeny bit skeptical but we’ll try it.


Problem: boycott. Solution: glow in the dark bottle. Stoli’s had a rough few months thanks to its home country and their anti-LGBT policies. So how do they stage a comeback? They design a glow in the dark, nightlife bottle for their vodka. The special edition bottle features an intricate pattern that barely appears during the day but lights up in the dark. Stoli Night Edition launched in select bars this month and will be available in travel retail locations (aka duty free shops) in December. We hate to break it to you Stoli, but glowing in the dark isn’t going to change the fact that you come from Russia.


Dessert is coming to a Smirnoff bottle near you. The vodka brand launched two new sweet inspired flavors last week to add to their collection: Cinna-Sugar Twist and Wild Honey. Cinna-Sugar Twist is a blend of pastry like flavors with a hint of cinnamon while Wild Honey features a classic honey sweetness with a fruity taste to accompany it. Both flavors join the Smirnoff’s Confections family that includes Iced Cake, Whipped Cream, Fluffed Marshmallow, Kissed Caramel and Root Beer Float. The bottles ($15.99) are now available to add to your cocktails.