Stoli ban

If you go out this weekend, chances are you’re not going to see Stoli behind the bar. The vodka, made from Russian ingredients, is the recent victim of a full on boycott after the recent pass of anti-LGBT policies in its home country.


Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed laws banning “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.” As a result, bars across the United States have started to boycott Stolichnaya, plus any other Russian spirits they may have behind the bar. Despite pleas from the brand, bars are taking the issue seriously. One bar in Chicago advertised this past weekend with the slogan “Come on down and drink something other than Russian vodka.” In NYC, shots of Stoli are being poured for free… and then subsequently poured on the floor. But nothing tops the move made by former West Hollywood mayor to have a Stoli gutter pouring ceremony with all of the local bars.


Though we never condone pouring out alcohol, we understand why the bars are doing it. But then again, should we be boycotting Stoli when our issue is with Russia?


Are you going to boycott? Tell us your thoughts below.