After discovering that savory spirits were turning up everywhere, we decided to find out what the deal was, from the people who know best. Bar shelves are filled with savory flavored spirits lately, small craft brands and big names alike. From vodkas to liqueurs to beer, we’ve seen it all.


Vodkas seem to be the most popular spirit to add herbs to right now. Smaller brands like Square One Basil, TRU Garden and Oola Rosemary represent the small craft distillery world with their fresh options. On a larger scale, SKYY Infusions Ginger and Absolut Cilantro have hit shelves and intrigued fans. Our bartender friend Melissa Pazienza says Absolut Cilantro is her favorite  flavor to include in a Bloody Mary and in general thinks savory flavors have major mixing potential. We’ll keep our eyes out.


And vodka isn’t the only spirit worth adding a savory taste to. Jacob Grier, a bartender in Portland, OR, can’t stop talking about Gamle Ode Dill Aquavit, which has a serious dill flavor that packs a punch in a cocktail. It may be hard to find but he swears it’s worth the search.


Of course, there are those bartenders that prefer the fresh ingredient route. Samantha Withall, a DC bartender, people are hesitant to try something knew, but it doesn’t stop her form using fresh carrot juice, cucumber juice and plenty of herbs when crafting cocktails. San Diego bartender Erick Castro thinks savory flavors are only going to get more popular and experiments with celery bitters and sea salt in his cocktails. Famed Shaun Daugherty (of Shaun the Bartender) prefers cilantro and other fresh herbs for his drinks.


All of these flavors intrigue us and we can’t wait to see what else the pros come up with. Here are a few recipes that some of our favorite bartenders came up with to get us started: