We put them in cereal, snack on them and add them to desserts, so why wouldn’t we drink them? Strawberries have made their way into our cocktails and spirits in a big way lately. You know sweet flavors aren’t our favorite but this might be the exception.


Like we said, strawberries are making their way into the flavored spirits scene. All of the major players are taking advantage of the trend… Three Olives just released Marilyn Monroe Strawberry vodka as a tribute to the Hollywood icon. Burnett’s just announced their new Strawberry Banana flavor on the heels of Svedka’s Strawberry Colada and SKYY Infusions Wild Strawberry. Coincidence? We think not. And it’s not only vodka brands that love the flavor. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is launching their Mike’s Harder Strawberry Lemonade later this month.


Step into any decent bar and strawberry cocktails are on the menu. Naturally they’re a favorite in daiquiris and coladas but we’ve noticed them in more sophisticated drinks too. Some of our favorites:



Clearly, people are discovering strawberries are the perfect combination of sweet and tart to add to booze. We’re actually really excited about this trend – just in time for summer. Would you try strawberry in your cocktails?