Ever wish you stopped after the third drink? Fear not, MIT student Dhairya Dand has invented ice cubes that can warn you when you’ve had too much. The cubes, appropriately named Cheers, start out green and change from orange to red depending on how many sips you’ve taken. We say screw the lights and keep drinking, right? Wrong. The cubes will send a text message to a designated friend that you’re over your limit. Added bonus: the lights flash in sync with the music around you.


This one’s for America. Better Brands Beverage Co. has released its first product, Salute American Vodka. The 80-proof spirit that was released earlier this month is only the first of several American themed products coming soon from the brand. The best part about it? $1 of every bottle sold will be donated to veterans’ charities. Needless to say, we’ll be buying it.


Sazerac has introduced EPIC Vodka for the “epic moments,” in your life. The 80-proof vodka will be available starting in February in a variety of flavors including Coconut, Cake and Whipped Cream. The brand wants people to realize that awesome moments happen everyday and EPIC can help celebrate them. We’ll cheers to that.


Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. has added an old favorite to their Mike’s Harder Lemonade collection. Strawberry Lemonade will be available beginning in March for all of you boozies who need that little extra 8% ABV in your malt beverage. The fruity flavor has become so popular that it will also be available year round.