Our wildest dreams have come true. Scandic Pop Vodka has finally done the unthinkable and made vodka juice boxes. The Romanian vodka brand has conveniently packaged their 37.5% ABV spirit in a paper juice box, complete with plastic straw attached. No word yet on when it will hit the U.S. but we are definitely waiting anxiously.

Hard cider kings Angry Orchard have done it again. The latest addition to the collection: Elderflower Hard Cider. A combination of classic apple flavor and the subtle floral taste of elderflower, the cider is the first of its kind. The seasonal newcomer will be available starting in February through the summer.

SKYY Infusions has debuted their latest flavor and just in time for Valentine’s Day cocktails. Wild Strawberry will be unveiled this week, hoping to be one of SKYY’s most popular flavors to date. The vodka, infused with real wild strawberries, also has a hint of tropical vanilla and white chocolate. With a splash of club soda, you can enjoy a fruity cocktail without the added juice and blender drama.

Hardy has announced that they will be bringing their delicious Fratello Hazelnut Liqueur to the U.S. The liqueur, manufactured in Italy, combines hazelnut, cocoa, vanilla and elderflower and will be available nationwide in March. Fratello is from the makers of RumChata, one of our personal favorites, so there’s no denying we’ll be loving this too.

We’re the first ones to say we’re sick of Valentine’s Day themed spirits but we think this one might be worth it. Valley Vodka Inc. is launching their V-One Love vodka just in time for next week’s holiday. The Massachusetts based brand has combined Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla in an effort to make a slightly more sophisticated vodka flavor. It might be nice to have a classic flavor in a modern world of bubble gum and root beer vodkas right?