You can really tell a lot about a person by their halloween costume. After all, it is one of few things you can trust in a dark bar on halloween night. So in a night of spook and thrill, you’ll want to be certain about one thing– what YOUR costume is saying about YOUR favorite booze. We’re not trying to draw conclusions… but yes, we are.

Harley Quinn:
You”ll be seeing a lot of Harley Quinn this Halloween Weekend. If this is the path you decide to take, we think you’re a vodka lover. Tonight you are going for bold and colorful, just the way vodka will make you feel.

You may be a joker, but you aren’t messing around this Halloween. With Fireball you’ll get right to the point. Just like Fireball, you never want to be tricked, but you are happy to do all the fooling (no one else will see what is coming).

You may have chose your costume because you love Rum, or you may have gotten stuck with rum based of your choice of costume. Regardless, you can’t get around this one.

Tonight you want to take on the wave of the ocean, so we’re thinking you’re one with the wine. Your drink of choice is always something refreshing, but we know a mermaid is not afraid feeling a little loopy.

If you’re dressing like a minion tonight, we know you’re not to keen on letting go of the kid inside you. You’re drinking beer tonight because you are out to goof around and you’d like to ride out the night as long as possible!