Congratulations – you’ve made it through January and now you’ve made it to February, aka National Cherry Month. We love cherries because they’re especially great in alcohol. So, to celebrate National Cherry Month, we’re sharing some of our favorite cherry-flavored beverages to add a little excitement to your drinking repertoire.


Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Beer

Sam Adams makes consistently good beer, so it’s no surprise that Cherry Wheat is a winner. This ale is brewed with Michigan cherries and the fruitiness of the cherries balances against the crisp, cereal note from the malted wheat and the subtle citrus flavor from the Noble hops.


Cherry Republic Winery’s Cherry Spiced Wine

This winery in Michigan (Michigan, again, what is it with them and cherries?) is ALL about cherries. They have a lot of cherry infused alcoholic options, but we think this Cherry Spiced Wine is a good place to start. It also has flavors of cinnamon, orange rind and other spices to compliment the cherry. You can serve it room temperature or (and we love this option, especially for winter) you can heat up a mug and drink it warm.


44 North Rainier Cherry Vodka

There are so many flavors of vodka on the market right now, but we really think cherry vodka is worth investing in. 44 North is one of the best, in our humble opinion. It works well as a shot if you’re really into the cherry thing, but it is also so awesome mixed with Coke. Love Cherry Coke? Yeah, this is it…but alcoholic. You’re welcome. (Bonus: soak some maraschino cherries in the vodka and eat them alone, or add them to your drink)


credit: Crystal Cartier