Occasionally we allow followers to suggest brands to review. In this case we’re talking 44˚ North Vodka, distilled in Idaho from natural products. They were kind enough to send us three flavors, and here’s what we thought:
Magic Valley Wheat
Disclaimer: This won a 2012 Gold from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
That being said… it’s good. We have some vodka purists on our team who sipped it neat and over ice and said they could keep drinking it all night.
Rainier Cherry
This flavor didn’t really do it for us. A few members of our team tried it with Ginger Ale and said it was like drinking cough syrup. Mixing with Diet Coke made it a bit better as it tasted similar to an alcoholic Cherry Coke. Bottom line (and goes without saying) if you don’t like cherry you should definitely pass on this one.
Mountain Huckleberry
We finished the bottle. And we’re not ashamed of it. Give us a few more and we’d finish those too. The suggested way of drinking this flavor is with lemonade and fresh blueberries, which we loved. We also tried it with soda, which was unique and refreshing due to the Huckleberry flavor.
Needless to say, we’ll be regular 44˚ North drinkers.
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