Know anyone who gets a stuffy nose after a glass of wine, or who gets a headache the next day?


Head to Whole Foods, who is expanding its line of wines with no sulfites added (NSA). They will be the first national retailer to carry USDA Certified Organic NSA wines from Italy and Spain.


Try Spartico Organic Tempranillo from Bodegas Iranzo winery in Spain and Organic Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Rosso Convento from La Cantina Pizzolato in Italy—all priced under $13 a 750-ml.


Most Whole Foods locations carry between 10-20 selections of organic NSA wines, including Roulé Rouge from northern California and Frey Vineyards from Mendocino County.


Plenty to choose from — a stone’s throw from the cheese and crackers.