Starbucks’ mega-marketing pickle has been: how do you sell multiple cups of coffee to the same person every day? Not sure if that coupon thing worked — you know, the coupon you got with your 9AM joe to return after 2PM for half-off another cup — but we’re thinking this next strategy will break the code.


“Starbucks is set to expand beer and wine sales to as many as seven locations in the Chicago market by the end of 2012. Starbucks rolled out the concept last year, introducing beer, wine and small plate options to six stores in Seattle, Issaquah (Washington) and Portland (Oregon) after 2pm in an effort to boost off-peak sales. The company said those test-run locations have since increased same-store sales after 4pm by double-digit percentages,” reports Shanken News Daily.


What do you think of Starbucks going from a coffee shop to a bistro? We rather like the idea. Our only suggestion is that they clean the joints up for the afternoon/evening crowd. Whenever we stop in after 12PM, the floor is splashed with more mochachino than you can shake a mop at, and the fixin’s bar is a sugar-encrusted disaster zone. For what it’s worth….