After a major victory for same sex marriage last week, many people have been looking for ways to celebrate accordingly. As you know, we prefer to celebrate most things with a good drink, so of course we set out to find something that would fit the bill. We ended up being really impressed with the wine community and how they’ve shown their support for marriage equality, so if you’re trying to find a celebratory beverage, look no further than your local wine store.


Same Sex Meritage: We love any company that openly says “United States citizens should have two irrevocable freedoms – to marry the person they love and to purchase an awesome wine at a reasonable price.” For every bottle of this 2010 California red table wine that is sold, $1 is donated to Freedom to Marry, an advocacy group for equal marriage rights.


Genetic Pinot Noir: This wine is from Stand Tall Wine Co., which is owned by a lesbian couple, and it refers to the fact that homosexuality is genetic and not a random choice. Genetic is a 2010 Pinot Noir and 1% of sales go to the Napa LGBTQ Project, a local program started by On the Move Organization.


Égalité: Égalité was released earlier this year and it is the first nationally distributed wine created in support of LGBT equality in the United States and around the world. Égalité is a French word (the wine is made in France) meaning “equality” and it celebrates equality for all. This is a sparkling wine, which is perfect for celebrating, and it offers hints of peach and honey blossom with a clean, dry finish.


Barefoot Wine: Barefoot has been around for quite a while and they don’t have a wine that specifically supports marriage equality, but they have been trailblazers in openly supporting the LGBTQ community for more than 20 years. They made their first donation to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Business Association in 1988 to celebrate diversity and since then, they’ve partnered with over 100 different LGBTQ non-profits.