I read the other day (here) that Ronnie, reality TV “celebrity” from The Jersey Shore, will soon be hosting his birthday party at Jet in Las Vegas. He’ll be turning 25.


And why would this interest DIA, you ask? Because it’s also reported that he’ll be spending $11,275 on booze for his table alone. Two magnum bottles of Grey Goose and five magnum bottles of Dom Perignon Rose. Really?


What has this dude done to deserve such lavish celebration? What has he accomplished besides mastering the art of being one of luckiest bros alive? You know who deserves a great birthday party? You do. I do. Anybody besides this guy does.


Plus, if we had $11g’s to burn just on booze for one night, we sure wouldn’t restrict it just to our own personal table’s supply. If we’re spending that kind of money, everybody drinks for free. How would you spend $11,000 for your birthday party? Where would you go? What would you drink?


I can’t wait till his money runs out. Then he’ll have to go to Dave & Busters like the rest of us.