The dirtier, the better” reads the tagline for Dirty Sue twice-filtered olive juice brine used for dirty martinis (which are characterized by the olive juice or brine that gives the drink its slightly cloudy appearance).


Cute tagline, but one that make booze hounds like us want to dig deeper.


Why is dirty dirty enough for some and not dirty enough for others? And why is dirty even desirable in the first place?


First, who doesn’t love salt? An extra dirty martini is the equivalent of drinking the salt at the bottom of the pretzel bag.


Second, ordering something “dirty” makes people feel sexy, or like a bad ass. People in this category may also order: Dirty Bananas, Dirty Condoms, Dirty Diapers, Dirty Dishwashers, Dirty Mothers, Dirty Mother-in-Laws, Dirty Navels, Dirty Scotchmen, and Dirty Socks. In other words, this ain’t the martini crowd, and they probably still tell fart jokes.


Thirdly, a dirty martini is a magnificent cocktail. Next time, order yours “filthy.” It doesn’t get any dirtier than that.


photo Originally posted: 9/9