A few months back we got the chance to chat with our friend Cooper Gillespie from The Thirsty Crow Bar in L.A. As a whiskey lover, Cooper shared her thoughts on the spirit and the best ways to drink it, but one comment really sparked our interest. When we asked Cooper her predictions for the year she simply said “more white dogs” and as we get into the swing of 2012 we couldn’t agree more.


Here are Cooper’s top picks for the world of white whiskey:


House Spirits White Dog

Cooper’s notes: Nice body, complex, good neat or on the rocks


Death’s Door White Whiskey

Cooper’s notes: Light and easy to drink-good entry for people unfamiliar with white dogs


Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash

Cooper’s notes: Sweet, spicy, strong corn notes


High West Silver OMG Pure Rye Whiskey

Cooper’s notes: Lots of flavor, nice heat, I’d sip it straight


How to drink them: You can do fun twists on traditional whiskey cocktails with white whiskey, such as a white Old Fashioned or Manhattan, or even a white strawberry mint julep.


How do you enjoy your white dog whiskey?