WhippedOffYou all know how we feel about overly sweet alcohol, but luckily we’ve got members of our tasting team with a sweet tooth. And when someone sends us a bottle, we’re not going to deny it, especially if it’s two bottles.


We scored Hiram Walker Whipped Cream and Pinnacle Whipped and in true DIA fashion, we decided to test them against each other. We were shocked by the results.


At first Pinnacle won us over with their more sophisticated bottle, and the mega-brand reputation (shallow, we know). Hiram reminded us of a cheap mixer you could buy at the grocery store based on the old-school packaging.


Then we did a blind tasting and tried them both straight.  The first had a full-bodied vanilla flavor that filled our mouth pleasantly and could be sipped on the rocks as well as in a cocktail. The second had a harsh flavor, shorter finish, and wasn’t something we’d want to drink again.


Seven people unanimously chose Hiram Walker as the clear winner of the battle.


Surprisingly, both spirits are 35% ABV. The best part: Hiram Walker is only $9.99 compared to Pinnacle at $19.99.


Have you tried whipped cream spirits? Tell us what they were like, and if you’re a Pinnacle lover, feel free to defend their honor in the comments.