What Do We Think Of: Grapefruit Fusion Vodka?

Our Stories May 19, 2011 2 Comments.

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First introduced in 2007, Brown-Forman Corporation has just introduced Finlandia Grapefruit Fusion vodka for the first time in India.


The new Finlandia Vodka is made using distinct taste of fresh juicy pink grapefruit for creating the flavored vodka.


The company said, Finlandia Vodka is made from glacial spring water and the six-row barley grown under the warmth of Finnish Midnight Sun. This barley offers the quality starch and the lowest possible content of natural oils, which contributes to the crisp, clean taste.


Finlandia Grapefruit Fusion can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed. Suggested mixers include tonic water, lemonade, pomegranate juice, orange juice and pink grapefruit juice.


People like this stuff. Especially judges, twenty-two of which named it the “best-tasting flavored vodka” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


The only negative-tinged comments we could find include “a touch too warm” and “not at all unpleasant,” which is more like a back-handed compliment than a criticism.


If I sound surprised, I guess I am. Grapefruit’s never really topped my cravings list. Chocolate, yes. Grapefruit, not so much. Chocolate-covered grapefruit? Now you’re talking.

2 thoughts on “What Do We Think Of: Grapefruit Fusion Vodka?

  1. DIA Post author

    We just got so excited – please don’t be teasing and forward along the Jelly Shot recipe once you’ve experimented. We’ll be anxiously awaiting!


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