We had heard stories about a vitamin supplement that promised zero hangovers after a night of drinking. We saw friends pull out their PartySmart at our New Year’s Eve parties and secretly wished that they had brought enough to share. So this weekend we decided to try it out for ourselves.

PartySmart is an herbal capsule that prevents the build up of acetaldehyde in your liver. We didn’t know what that meant either. Basically, it takes the stuff that causes hangovers and removes it from your liver so that you won’t have a hangover when you have to wake up early and meet your family for brunch.

Ringing in at just under $16 for a 10 pack it’s a cheaper deal than ordering the entire IHOP menu in a hungover fog. And *spoiler alert* IT WORKS.

We took our PartySmart after we had each had a few beers. You’re supposed to give your body a little taste of what’s coming before you send in the pill to break up the hangover causing party. If you leave it on your tongue a little too long it tastes like hay, so have a drink ready to rinse it down quickly. We pregamed for another hour or so and then took a shot of vodka for the road.

At the bar we switched from beer to mixed drinks and fit plenty of dancing in before heading back home. We finished the night by washing down our Bagel Bites and french fries with one more beer.

We woke up early the next morning, with a twinge of drunkness still evident. For us, that usually means a nightmare of a hangover is on the way – but it never came. Once the drunk officially wore off we felt fresh and energetic as though we hadn’t just tried to destroy our bodies the night before. 10/10 would use again.

But remember, just because there’s a magical pill out there that prevents you from having a hangover doesn’t mean you get to act like a lunatic with your drinking. You still have to be responsible and respectful. Enjoy!

Please Note: This article was originally posted on 1/23/16 and updated on 2/14/23.