Not all chocolate wines are to be trusted. But Chocolate Zin from St. Michaels Winery in the historic resort town of St. Michaels, Maryland maintains its identity as a wine while one-upping other reds with its major yumminess. Wine snobs may see it as a cheap trick to get noticed, but chocolate lovers could care less (while they’re reaching for a straw).


Maryland? Seriously? Yep. St. Mike’s on the Chesapeake Bay makes some good stuff. …Like said Chocolate Zin — part tootsie roll, part red zinfandel, 100% happy accident.


It’s about twenty-five bucks, and is best as a dessert wine, but we wouldn’t limit it to the obvious. Tell us if it makes your steak dinner even more decadent, or if it’s a great match for the carmelized walnut atop your lunchtime salad. We’ll be standing by, glass in hand.