If you’re a grown-up, which of course you are, it’s time you had grown-up barware. We are talking to ourselves mostly — guilty of stocking our bar cabinet with mismatched glasses from souvenir shops.


If you can squirrel away a mere $30, you can buy yourself a set (4) of starter grown-up whisky glasses. Not just any whisky glasses; Glencairn Wide-Bowl Whisky Glasses.


We found them at WineEnthusiast.com and became intrigued by all the “yippee” reviews.


Everyone seems to love the weight and the size. But, and this might be a big “but” if you care about such things, there is a Canadian maple leaf etched on the bottom of each glass.


Not an issue for us. We like Canada. We once pretended we were Canadian on a trip to Morocco where not everyone digs Americans.


But we digress.


Put Glencairn Wide-Bowl Whisky Glasses on your gift list this year. Or give them as a gift. To a grown-up. Who likes whisky. And Canada.