It’s been years since the King of Rock and Roll was singing the blues but Three Olives is paying homage to Mr. Presley. They’re channeling Elvis and his love for warm weather to inspire their latest release: Three Olives ‘Elvis Presley’ Coconut Water flavored vodka.


Apparently Elvis was a lover of all things Hawaii – who knew? The rock and roll star spent many a vacation on the islands, even filming movies and performing there. Three Olives took this and the recent undeniable popularity of coconut water and combined them to create their new vodka flavor. Sweetened with coconut water, the Elvis inspired booze follows the classic recipe of Three Olives vodka distilled from English winter wheat.


The 30% ABV vodka joins the (very) long list of Three Olives flavors that totals out at 22. Bottles are set to hit shelves starting in March at $21 a piece. We don’t usually jump on the flavored vodka train but we’re thinking this could make an excellent cocktail.