“A new concept store, Vines and Canines, offers dog-friendly shopping to wine lovers in Louisville, Kentucky,” reports Shaken News Daily. “Stocking over 125 boutique wine labels (producing 5,000 cases or less), as well as small-batch Bourbons, Cognac, Tequila and higher-alcohol craft beers, Vines and Canines welcomes visits by ‘leashed dogs with well-behaved owners.’ The store also offers a full selection of dog products such as leashes, collars, beds, pet treats and so on, in hopes of assuring shopping satisfaction for both pet and owner alike.”


Is this a money-maker or a customer-kiss-off? As dog people, we’re all for the pet-inclusive shopping experience. But when it involves a place full of breakables we’re not willing to risk it. Unless this proprietor is banking, literally, on “you break it, you buy it,” this seems like a Golden Retriever of an idea. The only thing worse would be Felines and Vines. Meow.