It’s the first day of September and the flavors of fall are invading our cocktail glasses. Everything from pumpkin to apple to maple, big brands and craft names are adding the flavors to their booze in the spirit of the season.


Boyden Valley Winery and Spirits of Vermont just added two new cream liqueurs to their collection. Right in time for fall, Vermont Ice Apple and Maple Crème Liqueur were released last week by the New England craft winery and distillery. Boyden Valley distills their own apple brandy made from Vermont handpicked apples that serves as the base of the liqueurs. To make their Vermont Ice Apple they combine the apple brandy with their handmade ice cider giving it a crisp apple taste. Maple Crème is made by mixing apple brandy with Vermont maple syrup, for all of you with a serious sweet tooth.


Boyden claims to be the first craft distillery to experiment with crème liqueurs. Both flavors are available now in New England and on their website at $29.99 a bottle. Boyden is hoping to expand nationally by the end of September. We have mixed feelings about crème liqueurs but these could get us in the perfect mood for fall.