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Our first impression of Bols Yogurt Liqueur was made pretty clear when we first told you about it a few months ago.  We were turned off by the creamy smoothness promised by the drink and swore we would keep our yogurt-eating to the breakfast food. The tables turned when we received a bottle to taste and our team went 50/50 on Bols.


Here’s what we thought:


Smell: We might as well have been opening a yogurt container. The strong smell of yogurt came out immediately leaving some DIAers begging for a pour and others with their noses turned away. If we had to describe it, it would be plain low-fat vanilla yogurt with a hint of sweetened cream cheese.


Taste: We all agreed that at first sip, you can’t taste any alcohol but it finishes with a distinct burn. The creaminess of Bols was surprising, and coated your mouth with a slight thickness. Those that liked Bols raved about the sweet, creamy flavor and how easy it was to drink. Others could barely choke it down, saying it tasted like super sweet cream cheese mixed with yogurt.


We drank Bols on the rocks, but even the haters agreed that it would be delicious in a frozen cocktail like a Piña Colada or daiquiri. We could also see it poured over fresh fruit or incorporated in your favorite fruity dessert.


When it comes down to it, yogurt lovers only need apply. Bols is perfect for those that love sweet after dinner liqueurs (i.e. Baileys) or can’t get enough of the breakfast food. For $18 a bottle, this “evening yogurt” went over well, but we won’t be buying any.


Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.