yogurt alcohol


Liqueurs seem to always fall victim to odd flavors. There’s glazed donut, whipped cream, bacon and now… yogurt. Yes, yogurt. We know everyone has been obsessed with the stuff lately (i.e. Pinkberry and Greek yogurt) but does that mean it has to make its way into our cocktails?


Bols, a Dutch company, is planning to do just that. Famous for their cheap ($18) and interestingly flavored liqueurs they are launching Bols Yogurt Liqueur this summer in the U.S.  The creamy white liqueur is made from fresh yogurt and apparently has a smooth consistency. Smooth, creamy, and white… we’re gagging already. Bols suggests drinking it on the rocks or with fruit juice (aka a boozy smoothie). We can’t help but be reminded of those nasty drinkable yogurts our Moms used to force-feed us in elementary school.


The 15% ABV liqueur will hit shelves officially in July. This definitely will not make it into our summer drink repertoire. We’ll leave our yogurt eating for breakfast.


Have you tried Bols Yogurt Liqueur? Let us know how it was below.