MamaWalkersBooze for breakfast. That’s all we could think when we opened the bottles of Mama Walker’s liqueurs we received.  The three flavors Glazed Donut, Blueberry Pancake and Maple Bacon brought us right back to breakfast on a Sunday morning. Here’s what we thought:


Glazed Donut: Emphasis on the glazed. The super (super super) sweet liqueur lived up to its name. It was too sugary for most of us, as it tasted like straight icing and batter. We’d rather sacrifice the calories and have a real donut.


Blueberry Pancake: If we thought Glazed Donut was sweet, we had another thing coming. This liqueur tasted like blueberry-flavored sugar. We almost felt like we were eating a dense blueberry muffin, while smelling a yankee candle, and inhaling a blueberry pixie stick. Needless to say, not for us.


Maple Bacon: Surprisingly, we liked this flavor the best. It had a subtle bacon taste that we didn’t mind, once we got back the sweetness of the maple. We’re not when we would ever drink this, but we liked it a lot more than our last bacon tasting.


Clearly boozy breakfast liqueurs aren’t number one on our list. We wouldn’t mind the Maple Bacon every so often, but we’ll keep the other two on the shelves.


Have you tried Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liqueurs? What did you think?