Velvet Cinn

Horchata. It’s fun to say and even more fun to drink. Since Rumchata debuted back in 2011, people have been loving the stuff. Last week, Cruzan became the latest brand to release their own version of the creamy beverage from Mexico.


Cruzan just announced the launch of their premium horchata, Velvet Cinn. A mix of Cruzan rum, sweet dairy cream and cinnamon, it apparently tastes like cinnamon toast. We’re not usually fans of the ultra sweet flavors, but for $19.99 a bottle we’ll give this a try. Look for the bottles on shelves throughout the U.S. starting this month.


Rumchata has dominated so far, but with slightly more alcohol (30 proof compared to 27 proof) and the added cinnamon twist for the same cost as their established competitor, we’re guessing Velvet Cinn will do just fine.


Will you give Velvet Cinn a try or stick with the veteran Rumchata? Will this be a horchata battle royale? Share your thoughts below.