Sipping your spirits is a thing of the past; get ready to inhale your vodka.

Yes you read that right: drinking is out, the Vaportini is in.

The new product comes from a Chicago club owner who has been using the invention in her bar for a couple of years. The Vaportini is exactly what it sounds like: drinking without the drinking. It works by heating a small glass globe with a tea light. Once your cocktail reaches 140 degrees you are ready to inhale through the small glass straw. Hold your breath for a few seconds, exhale and wait for the effects.

Here’s what you need to know:

• Only for use with high-proof spirits
• Inhaling it sends it straight to your bloodstream
• Buzz lasts about 20 minutes
• No calories
• Body builders and health fanatics are very interested
• Doctors are not happy about it, could be health risks
• Apparently completely legal, but not FDA approved

Sounds a little crazy right? The point of the Vaportini isn’t to replace drinking, but to give people a new way to enjoy the flavors and smells of alcohol. In our opinion, this won’t stop people from abusing it. We’re not sure how we feel about it… Would you inhale?