Utah’s first craft brewery is supporting same-sex marriage in the best way that they know how: by creating a beer, of course.


Wasatch Brewery‘s new brew is called “Live and Let Live” and it pairs together two similar ingredients to create one beautiful beer. The blonde pale ale uses “two beautiful malts and two wonderful hops, all fermented with a pair of yeasts,” boasts Dan Burick, brewer at Wasatch. It is 4% ABV and became available on draft in Utah on Valentine’s Day.


In a press release, Wasatch founder Greg Schirf pointed out that his brewery has been a practitioner of civil unions for several years. “In 2000, we entered into a partnership with another brewery much like ours,” referencing a partnership with Squatters Craft Beers. “Our Utah Brewers Cooperative is still happily ‘married’ today.”


Same-sex marriage was legalized in Utah on December 20, 2013 and although it’s legal, it’s still not obviously accepted by everyone in the state and Burick knows that. He said, “We realize this beer is not for everyone, and we will not force it on those who prefer more traditional brew styles.” “These pairings are not the norm in Utah right now and we expect resistance from many. However, we are confident that in the near future Utah will look back and celebrate Live and Let Live’s natural combinations. They will also realize that Live and Let Live is not a threat to traditional beers,” he added.


He will, however, be sending some of his beer to Sochi in hopes that the message of Live and Let Live will reach some close-minded individuals in Russia. He said, “I am thinking Vladimir Putin needs to lay off the vodka and drink about a case of this stuff.” Right on, Burick.


Wasatch is not the first brand, or even the first beer brand, to show support for same-sex marriage in the United States, but we appreciate the clever way they’ve chosen to support legalization in the state of Utah.