Urban Outfitters wants you to get your drink on the next time you come in shopping. The retail chain, famous for their ironic t-shirt designs and quirky home ware, is opening a new store in Brooklyn, NY and wants you to booze it up at the new location.


Urban Outfitters applied for a liquor license earlier this month, adding to the long list of controversial moves involving alcohol from the clothing store. This past year, the store was forced to discontinue a line of shot glasses, flasks and koozies because they were attracting a younger crowd and sending the wrong message. Urban, come on, even we wouldn’t do that. But this time around, they’re being tight lipped about their intentions. Rumors are circulating that Urban will use the license to serve drinks to customers while others say it’ll most likely be a line of products sold in the store.


Regardless of their intentions, they expect to hear back about their fate in the coming weeks. Residents of the hipster clad artsy New York neighborhood are furious about the store’s liquor license application. Many of them are partial to their local watering holes and are worried that an Urban Outfitter bar would take away from their business. Little do they know that the concept of boozing and shopping is already common in major cities like D.C, New York and Paris. Urban Outfitters would only be following an ever-growing trend.


Who wouldn’t want to sip on a drink while buying clothes? Then again, what place does alcohol have in our clothing stores? Would you buy a drink at Urban Outfitters?