There are two things we love: beer and shopping. So why do the two so rarely intersect? Luckily, a boutique owner in Paris figured out that beer and shopping go together like Brad and Angie (minus the pack of children) and she opened a shop that marries the two.
Laura Marciano, a 24-year-old genius, opened a boutique in Paris’ Marais district called Mimi’s Beer. Mimi’s Beer sells fabulous, hip clothing, but as the name implies, they also sell beer. The blonde beer, named after Marciano’s grandmother, is brewed in France’s Rhone-Alpes. It is 100% organic and brewed with water from the Pilat Mountains. And yes, Marciano encourages you to have a cold beer while you shop. We think we’re in heaven.

Marciano said she included the beer because she wanted people to have fun when they came to her store. She also thinks girls are more into beer now than their mothers were. The labels, which have the front and back-view of a woman from the 40s wearing a short dress, were designed to look distinctively feminine.

The clothes are fun and youthful and she introduces a few new items into the shop every couple of weeks. They go for the retro, vintage shop feel and prices range from $40-$330.

Mimi’s Beer is not sold in stores, so if you want to get a taste of the exclusive brew, hop a plane to Paris and visit the Mimi’s Beer boutique. Oh, and take us with you. Thanks.